Friday, May 8, 2015

Fridays Featured furniture piece

Just in time for spring, this weeks Fridays featured furniture piece is this light blue bench.

It measures  36" long, is 11" wide and stands 21" tall.

It has a somewhat chippy paint finish with both grey and brown showing through.

It looks great in the garden but it would also look adorable in a baby's room! 

This bench is listed at $99.

If you are interested in purchasing this bench or would like one in a different size or color please message me here or on our Facebook page.


We still have a brown and black chicken wire cabinet available.  They are great pieces and are only $69!

They are shown hung on the wall but they can also sit on a counter or table.  You can find the original blog post with more pictures of these cabinets here.  


About us--

I am asked a lot where our store is.  Since our pieces are all custom built we do not have the stock to put in a "store".  We use our house to showcase our work so you can see the quality and also get ideas for your own home.  We have close to 100 of our pieces throughout our house for you to view.  Anyone is welcome, just send me a message letting me know when you would like to stop by.  (that gives me time to dust :)    Most people tend to come in a group, then head up the road to "The Speckled Hen", a fantastic primitive gift store.

The great thing about having your own custom piece built is that you get exactly what you want, the size you need along with the color and finish that you chose.  If you have a spot in a room and you just can't find the right thing to put there we could build something that will look like it was made for that spot.  Because really, it was! And contrary to what you might think, having a custom piece built is NOT more expensive than buying one in a store or ordering a piece online.   So if you have a picture of a piece that you love email it to me along with the dimensions and we can give you a quote.  Or if you need help designing the perfect piece I can help you!

On top of our custom furniture pieces I also paint furniture as well as kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Call or message me for a quote!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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