Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Basement Junk restoration

I love taking an old or outdated piece of furniture and giving it new life.  I find it very satisfying and always look forward to a new project.  So when I came across this old and very beat up cupboard in my parents basement I saw a challenge.  Bill was ready to toss it in the dumpster but I stopped him.  I told him that I could do something with that and he said "Yeah, you could feed it to the dumpster".  But I brought it home anyway and it sat in our barn of a garage with all the other junk.  I saw it the other day and decided it was time to do something with it.

It was in pretty rough shape and it wasn't made very well.  The shelves were all crooked and it had years of gunk on it.  Bill said there was no fixing it, it should have been fed to the dumpster.    

Even after I cleaned it up it didn't look much different.   This was definitely gonna be a challenge.  

I could picture this piece painted two-toned so I painted the top and the shelves white over brown, then distressed it.  

The rest I painted basil green over brown, distressed it, then stained it.  That gave it a real aged look. 

 I liked the way it looked  but those crooked shelves were really bugging me.  You couldn't look at it face on without feeling like you were lopsided.   

The opening was perfect for a curtain.  I just finished (with a lot of help from Bill) making a shower curtain for the bathroom and loved the way it turned out so we decided to make a mini version of it for this piece.  

Here it is before I stitched the rough edge.   

Pretty cool, isn't it??  It's made from a drop cloth! 

First I hung it with twine to give it a real primitive look.

I wasn't sure if I liked the way it hung so Bill offered to make me a little curtain rod out of a dowel. 
I like it this way.      


What a difference!  I haven't heard anymore dumpster comments from Bill so I think even he was impressed with the results.  
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If you have a piece of furniture or cabinets that you would like rehabbed send me a message here or on our Facebook page and I will give you a quote.  It's amazing how a paint job can change the look of a once blah piece of furniture!    

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  1. I'm new to your site and enjoy seeing your creations, do you use chalk paint?

    1. Hi Sandi. I primarily use Milk paint. If I can't find the right color in a Milk paint then I will either make my own chalk paint or use a flat latex depending on what I'm painting. Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks Donna . Good to see you are in my area. I also go to Speckled Hen.


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