Monday, February 23, 2015

I love Chicken wire!

I have always loved the look of chicken wire and I try and use it in the pieces we build whenever I can.  Not only does it look nice but it has proven to be a pretty functional material as well.  For instance when I was looking at the pictures of our bedroom reveal post (which you can find here-- Bedroom reveal day) I didn't like the way the TV shelf looked.  I think it was the out in the open components that were bugging me.  I asked Bill if there was anyway to hide them so he built this little 3- sided box with a chicken wire front to fit over them.     

The chicken wire doesn't interfere with the use of the remotes.     

It does make it look less cluttered and I bet its going to be a lot easier to dust too.

Remember our jelly cabinet from this post  Chicken wire and Ceiling tiles ?   I love it.     

When we built our entertainment cabinet I chose chicken wire over glass doors not only because I love the way it looks but in my house glass doors equal daily Windexing.          



Here's one of our custom order pieces.      

The red over black finish looks so rich.  It's a pretty popular color choice.  

We are working on this one now.  It will have a distressed white finish.  I'll be sure to post pics when it's finished.  


I love these little cupboards.  
They are so versatile.   
You can hang them or sit 
them on a table or counter top and fill them with anything!  

If my house was bigger I would have them all over the place.

I tied a twig wreath on a cabinet door and hung it on the wall.  Instant wall decor!  

I'm always looking for new ways to use chicken wire and I see this idea on Pinterest a lot.  This would look adorable hanging in an office, don't you think?   

Here's another idea I found on Pinterest.  I think it would make a great umbrella stand. Don't be surprised if you see something like it in one of my future posts!  

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Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Bedroom reveal day!!

If you missed the first two posts with the details of our bedroom remodel make sure you check them out first!


The closet doors are finished, everything is cleaned and put back together so lets go in and see how it looks!    



Here's the hope chest after its makeover.     

It looks so much better!

I think the screws give the floor the character we were looking for. 

Don't you love the addition of the window?  At night it gives the room a nice glow.  

I'm so happy with the way it turned out, especially my closet. It really is the focal point of the room.  It was a lot of hard work but it was so worth it!   

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!  

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All of the wooden pieces in this post (minus the hope chest) have been built by Pennies Primitives!   

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Part 2--Total bedroom makeover with closet Barn Doors

If you missed Part 1, the start of our bedroom remodel, make sure you scroll down and read that post first.


Day two started off with Bill sealing the hole where the stovepipe was. We had decided to put paneling up where the brick was.  Most of it would be inside the closet and not show anyway.

I painted the wall that would show and then we were ready to start the floor.

We picked 7" white heart pine tongue and groove planks. It went down pretty easy. (especially for me since I just watched. )

After Bill finished he went back and put two black screws at the end of each board. That really gave it that old floor look and we were both happy with it.  If you look close you can see them.  Ill have a close up in the room reveal post.

Now it was time to put a finish on. I didn't want a shiny surface.  I wanted this floor to look like an old warn floor that's been around forever. I chose to use Dark Raw Tongue oil made by The Real Milk Paint company. Tongue oil is a natural sealer and the dark has an antique stain mixed in so I didn't have to stain, then seal. It was one coat on and it was done!

While Tongue oil looks and works great, it takes a long time to dry so if your pressed for time you might want to try a different product.  I would have liked to add another coat to make it a little darker but we couldn't afford to lose another day.

We took the next day off while waiting for the floor to dry.  We had worked our butts off the past two days so it was a good thing.

Day four!!  Time to start building the closet!!  
As you can see we started moving stuff back in.  Our house is small and having our bedroom furniture scattered throughout the house was driving me a little crazy.  
A good friend of mine came over to check on our progress and while we were admiring Bills work I told her how much I would have loved to put a transom window above doors.  She left and called me a little later and said she thought she had the perfect window for me. I went right over and got it. Can you believe how perfect it fits??!!!  

Notice the hope chest in this picture and the few before it?  My dad gave it to my mom when they were dating.  It's over 70 years old.  It's in pretty sad shape, the veneer is chipping off and it's screaming for a makeover.  So I decided when Bill builds the doors I'm gonna give it a paint over.  You will see the finished product in the reveal post.   

Here's a good pic showing the floor.  What do you think?

Last day and we have closet walls!!    


Now how cool does that window look!  I can't wait to see what it looks like at night when the doors are on! 

Well our week is over.  We got everything done except the doors.  I love the closet although it is smaller than my old one.  I guess that one will become my overflow closet.  You can never have to many closets!  (:    

So Friday is the big room reveal!  Make sure you come back and see the results!  Your gonna love it!!  

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