Sunday, May 3, 2015

(Fridays) Featured Piece of the week!

I've had one of those crazy weeks where I haven't had a chance to breath so I had to grab something out of my stock to use for my piece of the week.  I picked this cute shelf because it has so many uses!  

First, here's the scoop.    

  It's 14" long, 9" high and 6" deep.  It's painted brown over black.  It can either be hung on the wall or sit on a counter or table. This one is listed for $22.

Now I could come up with a million ways to use this little shelf but I didn't have time to take that many pictures so here's a few ideas.  

 This is what I use mine for at camp.  Keeps everything nice and handy.    


Great way to store your cutting boards and dough bowls

Looks adorable on a picnic table!

Or in the bathroom

Like all of our pieces, if you need a different size or color it can be done!  Just send me a message on my facebook page!  

Thanks for looking!


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