Tuesday, April 7, 2015

It's Bathroom remodel week!!

Hi everyone!  It's bathroom remodel week!!  Things are going really slow.  Bill had to work on Saturday and Sunday was Easter so we only have the rest of the week to get as much done as we possibly can.  Of course everything we start is leading to something else which then leads to something else, etc etc etc...  I'm thinking that this project is going to take a lot longer than we originally anticipated.   Sigh...

Here are our bathroom "BEFORE" pictures.  If I have the time I will occasionally post some "during" pics.  Sadly I think it's gonna be a while before you get to see the finished project!!  

                 Wish us luck!!!  


Our cabinets used to be basic wood cabinets.  One day I decided to paint them black.  I loved them black for about two months.  They were just to dark for such a small area.  I repainted them brown, then white over it and gave then a heavy distress.  I love the way the black and brown show through.  It makes them look so old.  I still really love them and I'm sad to see them go but I am looking forward to double sinks.    

This piece on the end is one of our Pennies Primitive pieces.  This one houses our hamper but I have had customers use theirs for garbage cans, dog food holders and recyclable bins.    

Bill built this little nook a couple months ago.  We figured once we got rid of the tall vanity cabinet we would need someplace for storage.  There was a little closet on the other side of the wall that Bill opened up for this.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.  I've been thinking about maybe making a door for it out of an old window?  Or maybe a chicken wire door?  I'm really not sure yet but I'm sure it will come to me!  

 So that's our before pictures.  In case you didn't see my inspirations picture that was in my "Planning out the bathroom redo" post here it is again!  


Hopefully ours will be as nice!!      

Starting this Friday we will be posting our Fridays Featured Furniture piece on our Facebook page.  I will be posting additional pictures here.  Be sure to stop back Friday and check it out! 

          Thanks for stopping by!


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