Monday, March 30, 2015

Bathroom vanity redo

It's been a busy couple of weeks.  The custom TV cabinet we were working on is finished and has been delivered.  Now we are working on the same customers two matching end tables.  I decided I will wait to post all the finished pics together.  Bill has been building a few new pieces to feature on our Pennies Primitives Facebook page and they came out AWESOME!  I hope my paint job will do them justice.  So in addition to painting the new pieces I have been working on our bathroom vanity because the bathroom remodel starts in FIVE DAYS.  I'm so excited!!  

I thought I would show you the before and during transition of the vanity but warning, I'm not posting the finished product until its in the bathroom!   


This is a section of the vanity. Its not a great pic since its taken under the bright lights in my shop but you get the idea of the color.   

I know, its really pretty and all you wood lovers probably think I'm nuts to paint it but it doesn't fit my vision of how I want the bathroom to look.   

I normally use Milk paint which adheres to just about anything but I couldn't find the right shade of gray and was to nervous to mix my own custom color.  I could picture myself running out half way through and ending up with a multi colored vanity.  So instead I went with flat latex paint.  I was a little concerned how a latex paint would adhere to such a shiny finish and was envisioning hours of tedious sanding.  Yuck.  Then I found this product in Lowes and figured I would try it.  It worked really well and was way easier than sanding!    

Brush it on

Let it sit for a few minutes

Give it a scrub and the finish comes right off.  

                Looks good to me!  Just a note,  its a little smelly so if you use it make sure you have proper ventilation. 

At this point I wasn't sure what I wanted my end game to be.  Did I want them plain gray?  Distressed?  Glazed? Since I was up in the air I decided I would paint them as if I was going to distress them.  That means they needed a base color.  In case your unfamiliar with distressing, the base color is the color that shows when you sand through. 

I decided on black as my base.  


Bye-bye cherry cabinets!

After the base coat dried I wiped on a coat of sealer. The sealer gives you a little added protection from distressing through the black, all the way down to the original wood.  Of course if you sand too hard you will still get a little of the original wood peeking through but the majority of the distress will be black.  

Now we're ready for the gray.  

I like it!!  Now that I've got the gray on I'm thinking they will look better glazed black instead of distressed. 

Here's a drawer after I added the glaze.  Sorry, I got so anxious to see how they would look I forgot to take pics of the process.  Its very easy.  Brush the glaze on and wipe it off.  

You can see how the glaze just settles in the groves.  It gives it a nice antique look.  

Not a good pic but here's a sneak peak of what I've finished so far. 

You'll have to wait for the Bathroom redo to see the rest! 

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!  


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