Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Taz's new bed

If you have been following my blog you might have heard me mention that I don't like clutter.  Well it's true, I don't.  In fact I try to hide anything that isn't pretty. 

               Meet Taz.

No,  I'm not trying to hide Taz but what I am trying to hide is this.  

               Taz's bed. 

Having this sitting around my otherwise pretty house REALLY bugs me.  But I love Taz and I know how much he loves his bed so we had to compromise.  

I thought if we had something that fit around his bed it might look a little neater.  Nothing elaborate, just something simple.  Like maybe a crate or something.  I asked Bill what he thought and he said he would come up with something. 

Here's his something!

It slides right over his bed.

I gave it a little distressed look and painted the name tag with chalkboard paint.  

Now Taz is a very happy cat and so is his Mama!  


           Thanks for stopping by!



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