Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Part 1--Total bedroom makeover with closet Barn Doors

Before I show you the start of our bedroom makeover that resulted in beautiful closet barn doors here's a little history behind it.   

Years ago when we moved into our house it had a kitchen, living room, dining room (which actually was more like a big hallway), bathroom, master bedroom and two other rooms. Those two rooms didn't have closets so technically they weren't considered bedrooms. The prior family had used one of the rooms as a family room and other room, which is upstairs under the eves was used for storage. They had 5 people who lived here so we never really figured out where they all slept! Anyway, the master bedroom was a decent sized room with two 6' closets.  The family room had a beautiful wood stove that sat in the corner on a concrete slab with bricks surrounding it and the upstairs room was a decent size even with the slope of the ceilings.  But like I said, there were no closets in either of those rooms.  At that time it was no big deal, it was just me and Bill and we really weren't giving closet space much thought.

Soon we were pregnant with our daughter so we moved ourselves out of the master and into the family room.  Bill built himself a closet in our new room and I kept one of the 6' closets in the "nursery" for myself.  Three years later our son was born so we redid the upstairs room, (complete with closets) and daughter went up and son took over the nursery.  Now everyone had a room with a closet.

Except me...

The years past and I continued to closet in my sons room.  I could have had my own closet in our room if we got rid of the wood stove but that would take a lot of work and I really did like the way it looked.  

Isn't it pretty?

But eventually it had to go.  I needed my own closet.  

Afters much discussing (and much whining on my part) we decided to do it.  We only had a week to complete the majority of this project so we needed to make sure we had our ducks in a row.  It wouldn't involve just taking out the wood stove and building a closet, it would mean a new floor, new walls, painting, molding, wiring, etc, etc, etc...  

Finally it was DEMO DAY!!!  

                                   Bye Bye wood stove!!

Home of my future closet.  (:

This is me NOT having fun.


The bricks were really nice so we salvaged as many as we could. We've since used them as edging in some of my gardens.   

You can only imagine the amount of dust that was flying around our house.  


We still had a lot of cleaning and a little wiring to do before we could call it a day.  I cleaned while Bill wired.  

Here's a view of the room standing where the wood stove was and that's the closet Bill built for himself way back when.  

That was it for day one.  We had accomplished more than we thought we would but there was still a lot left to do!   

Come back tomorrow to see more of Project Closet!       

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