Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chicken wire and Ceiling tiles

Years ago I was at a craft fair and in one booth they had a large display of ceiling tiles along with boxes and boxes of magnets that stick in the center of each tile.  I love ceiling tiles so even though I didn't know what I was going to do with them, I felt like I had to own some.  I ended up purchasing two tiles and a few different magnets.  I brought them home and showed Bill (my husband and builder of all great things) who of course gave me that look I get when he knows whatever ideas are going on in my head eventually equal work for him.  I thought about it a little while and then said "Honey, wouldn't these tiles look good with a shelf built around them?"  (and yes, I got that look again) but we drew it up and he disappeared into his workshop and this is what I got.
Isn't it awesome?!  

This is what a plain tile looks like.
Here's one of the magnets. 
 (Snowmen of course!)


I Finished it in a crackle linen finish and then distressed and stained it. I love the way the finish came out.

I found the perfect wall to hang it on but then I needed something under it to balance it out. We had been playing around with chicken wire cabinet doors so Bill made this great cabinet to house some of my old mason jars.

                        I love the look of the chicken wire door.

This was finished in red over black, distressed then stained. My lack of photography skills and old camera doesn't do the pictures much justice.  It's much richer looking in person.

You can find so many uses for this cabinet and it blends itself nicely into any room which is why I think it's been one of our best selling pieces.  I know I love mine!

They look great together, don't you think?  

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