Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Constructing our new booth!

I'm so excited!  We rented space in a local 
co-op to sell our pieces and it's all set up and ready to go!  I took some pictures of the construction as we went along to share with you all.  


THIS is what we walked into.  Yikes!!  It sure didn't look like much.  We had been in the week before to measure and finalize our plans. We decided to make the walls in sections at home, that way all Bill would have to do is screw them in when we got there.  So that part went fairly quickly.   
Next came the side walls.  We made chicken wire panels.  This part took a bit more time because Bill had to make sure they were stable enough to safely hold our pieces.  

After that came the beams and day one was over!  Here's the before and after pics.  

Now comes the fun part, moving everything in!!
Reveal pics in my next post!!  

Thanks for stopping by!!  

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