Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter decor

Last month I had planned on posting pics of my holiday decorations but I never got the chance.  The tree and everything "Christmas" related is put away until next year but my snowman decorations and winter florals are still up and probably will be until March. Remember, I live in upstate NY and when March rolls around it will still be winter here so I can get away with it!

I just love my snowmen but I love them a lot more when they're inside rather than outside!   

When I do winter florals I like to try and keep them natural.  I love to fill mason jars with pine cones, acorns and berries.  I add twigs to my buckets and centerpieces to give them a more real look.
I think acorns look great in jars. 
Don't you just love grungy mason jars?

Here's a centerpiece that I made for a customer.  My husband made a bunch of these boxes and I painted them in all different colors.  I really like this mustard color. 

I love the look of this garland

And here is the shelf that its on. This was one of the first shelves we made and I still love it.  I will be featuring it soon with a few other of our other pieces.   


Here's my winter centerpiece

Jars filled with nothing but different sized pine cones.  So simple and look so nice!

I hope you enjoyed my winter decor pics! Oh, and did I mention that all the pics are taken on our furniture pieces? I'll be posting more on them soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

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